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detached home for sale
well landscaped detached home

When you need more space, want to grow your family or are looking for privacy, buying a detached home is a great option. Often, detached homes are located in the suburbs of larger cities, and most of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) would be considered the suburbs. Typically, detached homes are different from condos due to the type of ownership  you have. Freehold ownership means you own both the land and structure wholly, and no spaces are co-owned with adjacent property owners. This also means you are the one in charge of all maintenance and upkeep in the property. Consider the amount of maintenance you are willing to do when buying a detached home. For example, how long do you want to spend cutting the grass or gardening? Do you want to have to maintain extensive landscaping? Is a pool too much work? Usually, a larger home as it usually means a larger amount of work for the homeowner! Asking yourself these questions can help form a wishlist for an ideal home as it will uncover what is truly best for you and your family. A maintenance budget should also be considered when buying a detached home as unlike a condo or even a townhome, there is often more to look after. When you are ready to look for a detached home, contact me so I can help you find the home of your dreams!